Preventing Caregiver Stress and Burn Out

stressThe profession of giving care to the elderly is not just a profession, it is also a passion. People who provide care for the elderly, regardless of their health conditions most of the time, go out of their way to extend their time. Most of them go the extra mile in caring for the elderly without expecting anything in return. However, they are also subjected to the same stress like any other individual.

Family members who care for the elderly on a long term basis may feel stress due to the challenges that they face every day. Caring for the elderly on a daily basis presents different situations. They may have the same problems, but progression of the disease process will prove to be a demanding time for the primary family support system. When such situations present themselves to families, it is important that they can rely on a reputable bluebird care. This way, they can help take a break from their daily routine to refresh.

It is vital to prevent stress and burn out not just for the family members who provide care for the elderly, but to the Bluebird Home Care Market Deeping personnel as well. There should be a balance between work and leisure so that the caregiver will be more apt to provide care. Stress and burn out can be prevented in the following ways:

Understand that you cannot do everything. It is important for a caregiver to understand that they are not perfect. Energy gets depleted and needs to be replaced. People do get tired and will require adequate rest for the next day’s responsibilities. As such, do not hesitate to ask for help when you deem it necessary. Give the responsibility to willing and able individuals and staff whenever called for. This way, you avoid putting yourself vulnerable to illness and accidents.

Speak up. Some family members may not be comfortable in expressing how they feel. However, the longer you put off addressing a problem, the more stress it gives you. You will tend to think and worry about it. If you believe that what you have to say is reasonable and needs to be addressed, especially if it involves the safety and comfort of the elderly you are caring for, then do tell.

Consume your break periods. Everybody needs a break once in a while. As a worker, you are entitled to a break. As a family member, you are also entitled to it. A person who cannot take care of his or her own needs is not in a proper position to address the needs of the people they are taking care of.

Ask for a vacation if you need to. When you’re caring for an elderly for the longest time and you believe that you need some time off, you should listen to yourself. Ask for someone to take over your responsibility and seek that relaxation that you need. By doing so, your energy gets replenished, your mind is reset and when you come back to your ward, you are better apt to provide the assistance and care they require.

Take a Break from Full Time Caring

It is surprising that many of you have never heard of “Respite Care” before. Respite care involves having a professionally trained carer take over caring for your loved one temporarily to allow you a break.


Taking a break from being a full time carer is very important. It gives you a much needed break to clear your head and better support your loved one when you return. But you probably don’t feel there are many people you can trust to provide the same level of care you give.

That is why respite care is fantastic. You use a trusted home care bristol agency and they find the best people and fully train them (if they are not already qualified) to become a carer.

You also have to remember the positive effect this can have on the loved ones you are caring for. Many of them will feel they are ruining families, or causing a nuisance to your life. Here is one video of a man (Bill) sharing his story of how respite care helped his family:

It is always amazing to hear such stories. I hope you enjoy the video.

Respite care is offered as a service by most domiciliary care agencies, especially the national ones. So there really is no excuse for not being able to find a carer.

Please leave a comment if you are a full time carer and looking at using respite care services, or if you have used them before and have experiences to share.

This is a guest post by Russ Hughes of Lovely Home Care Bristol, a domiciliary care agency based in Bristol.

In Home Dementia Care Tips

Found an interesting video of caring for a family member suffering from dementia in your (or their) home. Watch it here:

Here’s a few of the tips for anyone that can’t watch right now:

  1. Dementia is an umbrella term and different types have a variety of symptoms, one popular type is alzheimer’s
  2. People often lose the ability to walk properly
  3. Have a look at shoes for being worn down
  4. Keep clutter out of the way
  5. Block access to all stairs
  6. Install door locks to prevent them leaving the house without your knowing

All of this mixed in with full time caring can be a lot of hassle. If you’re looking to take some of that work off of your shoulders, home care northampton will be able to help you.

care in your home northampton

They’re a care at home agency that can care for your family member up to 24 hours, 7 days per week. Or alternatively give you extra assistance at your chosen times, so you don’t have to devote your entire life to being a carer.


Is Home Care Right For Your Parents?

Fortunately for myself, my parents are still healthily living together. I do hope that lasts much longer, but everyone knows that can’t last forever.

To get down to caring for your parents as they get older and ensuring their safety, it usually comes down to 3 main options.

  1. Caring for them yourself
  2. Helping them choose a care home
  3. Assisting them with hiring a care at home agency

I recently found a video explaining the benefits of a care at home service, vs putting your parents or older family members into a care home. The other alternative, caring for them yourself, you’ll have to make that decision based on whether it is really the right choice for you to make.

I was sent this video by a reader and home care stamford and home care oundle service provider, watch it below:

That’s a doctors point of view, so it should really shine some light on why I recommend home care rutland so much!

Got some more posts lined up about more benefits of care at home, and why I think it is the perfect solution for elder people, dementia and alzheimer’s sufferers, reablement support, etc.

- Brian

24 Hour Care in Your Home

From what I’m led to believe, this is a fairly new service ’24 hour care’. Care at home agencies refer to this service as ‘live in care’.

For an easy description of what it is, just watch this video:

Or watch on youtube, here.

Who is this type of care right for?

I personally had live in care after my car crash, where I needed regular assistance within the home to recover.

Apart from this, I know it’s very popular with elder people because it can allow them to live in home, even if they suffer from disabilities or things like alzheimer’s and dementia.

The video basically explains everything you need to know.

I’ll write another post later if anyone is interested in choosing the right home care or live in care agency. Just leave a comment if you would like to see that!

Until next time.