3 Tips for Hiring an In-Home Care Provider


What do we do when the time comes when we will be needing someone to care for our loved one or us? We call to hire a home care provider. But how will you know that the home care provider you will be hiring is the best from any other providers? Well, firstly you got to be able to know them especially their experience and background. And of course, you got to at least try their services to be able to find the right one. And if you had decided to hire one, these 3 tips will be able to help you when are hiring:

1. Assess your loved one’s care needs

To find the right care provider, I tried to understand first my family member’s care needs. Does grandfather need a licensed nurse practitioner (LPN) to help him with personal needs like bathing and dressing each morning? Or would he benefit from around-the-clock care from a registered nurse (RN) who can administer his medications and address other health issues? If you could remember about the condition of my grandfather, he really needed one. Take note that LPNs, RNs, therapists and dieticians provide different levels of at-home care.

2. Ask questions.

After I have narrowed down the type of care my grandfather needed, I searched for a list of providers and interviewed the top candidates in person. Before the meeting, I had also prepared a list of questions that will help me determine a provider’s qualifications, quality of care, services provided and fees and pricing. A piece of advice: do remember that can always ask your family member’s doctor for recommendations on where to begin your search.

3. Observe and Adjust.

I continued to monitor my grandfather and the care he is receiving after I have selected an in-home care provider. After all, I really want the best for my grandfather. I wanted to make sure that he gets the appropriate care and services needed. If ever I have any concerns about quality of care to my grandfather, I frankly raise it to the home care provider or his or her supervisor. Most importantly, I kept an eye out for early signs that in-home care might not be enough anymore. A loved one’s care needs are always changing – just as my uncle grew to need a caregiver, down the road we have found that he needs to move to assisted living care for more support.

These are the 3 tips that could help you when hiring an in-home care provider. I really do recommend that you follow these tips because it had helped me so much in being able to find the best and the right home care provider for my grandfather. Since I have found the best provider, in my own opinion, her services lasted with us until my grandfather passed away. But if we do have other friends who will be needing the same services, we would gladly recommend her. And if ever we will be needing her help again, we will not take time to call her late.
• Dentists, clergy, specialist doctors, and other health professionals
• Emergency alert or safety monitoring systems

These are the different types of home care services available. Whenever you do not know which services you will be needing, refer to this information. This will help you.

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